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King Charles warned the monarchy will collapse if he doesn't follow simple rule

NewsKing Charles warned the monarchy will collapse if he doesn't follow simple rule

She added that the younger generation is the monarchy’s “future and is in them we should invest”.

Her uncle, King Juan Carlos abdicated from the throne in 2014 following a series of scandals and his son Felipe took over.

At the time, the Spanish royal family’s popularity was not in favour, with some describing it as being at an all-time low.

However the new king along with his wife, Queen Letizia and their children, Princess Leonor, 18, and Infanta Sofia, 16 managed to win public confidence back.

Tamara claimed: “Society loves tradition, but it’s important in this day and age of influencers to have an influencer who is on the same level to be a good role model.”

But she warned a pattern similar to Spain before King Felipe’s ascension is emerging in the UK with King Charles who, according to her, doesn’t embrace the younger royals.

The Spanish aristocrat added: “There’s huge interest in William and Kate. They’re exactly the kind of royals we need today.

“King Charles needs to move with the times and embrace the younger members of his family, otherwise he runs the risk of a fall of the House of Windsor.

“William and Kate, and the younger generation, are the breath of fresh air we need.”

Meanwhile, Tamara, who is reportedly friends with both Prince William and Prince Harry, also commented on the royal feud between them, suggesting it has negatively impacted the Firm’s image and their problems became very public.

She stated: “[The British Royal Family] is not as cohesive as it used to be.

“It’s now fractured, sadly. Harry used to be adored. He would have been a fabulous role model but that’s no longer the case.

“It’s sad that their personal family feud became so public. But the damage has been done. “

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