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King Charles's plans for 6pm bedtime before Coronation could be 'a mistake', expert claims

NewsKing Charles's plans for 6pm bedtime before Coronation could be 'a mistake', expert claims

King Charles has reportedly set himself a 6pm curfew in the leadup to his Coronation, according to The Telegraph. To avoid being too tired before the ceremony, the King has reportedly told his staff that in order to get a good night’s sleep before the event, he won’t be attending any royal duties after 6pm.

The King will host a reception for Commonwealth leaders on May 5 and a dinner for world leaders that evening at Buckingham Palace, despite his intentions to get a good night’s sleep.

The Commonwealth dinner that was hosted prior to his mother, Queen Elizabeth II’s, 1953 Coronation will not be repeated.

A sleep expert has cautioned that this approach may be harmful the night before a significant event.

Dr Sophie Bostock, a sleep specialist who works at Bensons for Beds, told Express.co.uk: “The night before a big event it’s tempting to go to bed early, in the hope of extra shut-eye.

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“But this is likely to be a mistake! If you change your routine, your internal body clocks may not be ready for sleep, and you may not have accumulated enough sleep pressure during your waking hours to drop off.

“So you lie there… worrying about what happens if you can’t sleep; what if you trip up, or forget your words?

“Worrying about not sleeping can activate your ‘fight or flight’ stress response, and make you feel even more alert.”

Dr Sophie has offered advice to King Charles as an example of someone who is anticipating a major occasion.

“But it can also be used as a distraction to reduce anxious feelings and develop the right mindset for sleep.”

The sleep expert added a second suggestion for the King as he prepares for his Coronation.

Dr Sophie opined: “Don’t try too hard… The harder we try to sleep, the more elusive it becomes. If you don’t feel sleepy, don’t get into bed.

“Do something relaxing under a dim light – read a favourite book, listen to music or even watch a romcom on TV.

“Only get into bed when you feel sleepy or tired. Don’t worry if this means going to bed a bit later than normal.

“A bit of a delay can create a greater ‘hunger’ for sleep, which may help you to fall asleep faster.”

Foreign dignitaries and other VIPs are invited to a number of receptions and parties in London over the course of the weekend before the 74-year-old King is crowned on May 6 during a service at Westminster Abbey.

Following the formalities, there will be a procession back to Buckingham Palace, where the King and other Royal Family members will make an appearance on the balcony overlooking the Mall.

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