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King Charles’s tell-tale signs for when he’s stressed revealed by his ex-butler

NewsKing Charles’s tell-tale signs for when he’s stressed revealed by his ex-butler

King Charles’s former butler has revealed how he can tell when the monarch is stressed. Grant Harrold was a member of the royal household of King Charles and Camilla, Queen Consort. He butlered for the couple, as well as the Prince and Princess of Wales and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex during his time. Speaking about Charles, he said he can “tell if he’s stressed” when watching his appearances.

Grant told the Express at a royal etiquette class: “When I see him on television, I can tell if he’s having a bad day. I can tell if he’s stressed.

“There was a documentary that was released a couple of years ago where I could tell he was stressed. It’s his mannerisms, he’ll start fidgeting and it’s quite interesting.

“In this interview, you could tell he had had enough. At the Queen’s funeral, I really felt for him because losing both parents so quickly and having to carry on doing stuff in front of people. That was the most stressed I’ve ever seen him.

“I’ve been gone 12 years but I’m still friends with some members of the household and it’s interesting how he’s still the same kind of character. I felt for him.”

Grant said he had never seen Charles as stressed as he was at his mother’s funeral.

Charles led several processions with his siblings during the funeral of Queen Elizabeth.

The event was televised, with the monarch travelling from Scotland to London following his mother’s death.

Hundreds of thousands of people lined the streets as the coffin was taken to Windsor where she was laid to rest.

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King Charles III walked alongside his siblings, Princess Anne and Princes Andrew and Edward. The Prince of Wales and the Duke of Sussex walked side-by-side behind their father along a route lined by representatives of all parts of the military.

Grant also spoke about Charles’s “amazing” sense of humour. 

He said: “He used to be so much fun and do so many funny things.”

The Queen was known for her sense of humour, which it seems Charles has now inherited.

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