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King's friend reveals Charles was 'very sad' after Harry delivered 'terrible blow'

NewsKing's friend reveals Charles was 'very sad' after Harry delivered 'terrible blow'

In his memoir, Harry attacked a number of high profile royals, including the King, his stepmother Queen Camilla and his older brother Prince William, all of whom he will face tomorrow for the first time since the book’s publication.

He told Times Radio: “Well, in respect of Prince Harry, I just think it’s the most tragic. I mean, I can’t put myself in the position where my own son, if he did something like that to me, it would just be the cruellest and one would mind.

“And of course, it was no different. Of course, the King was very, very sad, tragic. But as you say, we all have families. We’ve all lived through it. But it was a terrible blow.”

In spite of the family feud Lord Soames acknowledged it would have been a “great pity” if Harry had decided to skip the Coronation.

The Duke will not play an official role in the ceremony, nor will he have any private conversations with the King, Queen Consort or Prince of Wales.

In Spare, Harry alleged that his stepmother had leaked stories about the Royal family to the media in a bid to improve her own image and described her as a “villain” and “dangerous” in a televised interview.

However, Lord Soames reflected positively on Camilla’s role as Queen Consort and how relatable she can be, saying: “I think it’s been a jolly long, hard journey.

“It’s turned out well. And I think the Queen has done a really admirable job. She will do an admirable job because she is a completely straightforward person.

“I mean, what you see is what you get. And as someone said, thank God for someone who likes a fag and a pint.”

He said of the King: “I love him and admire him very, very much indeed. And I think it’s going to be… all you can do, I think, to friends, like your friends or my friends or any of our friends.

“And they’re not different, is to be loyal to them and supportive of them.”

Just hours before the ceremony at Westminster Abbey the King was spotted on a walkabout at Mall, chatting to royal fans who have been camped out for days to ensure a good viewing point.

He was joined by Prince William and Princess Kate, with the latter admitting she is exhausted from the week’s “long hours”.

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