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King's fury as funding row may scupper Armed Forces medal plan for coronation in weeks

NewsKing's fury as funding row may scupper Armed Forces medal plan for coronation in weeks

King Charles is reported to be furious that some members of the Armed Forces and police may not receive commemorative medals for his Coronation. The former Prince of Wales will officially be crowned monarch on May 6 at a ceremony at Westminster Abbey. The event is expected to be watched by millions of people across the world on TV.

The King will become the 40th reigning monarch to be crowned at the Abbey, with the inauguration featuring customs dating back more than 1,000 years.

In line with previous coronations, commemorative medals will be handed out to members of the public. However, an apparent row over government funding could jeopardise the new King’s wish to give all serving frontline members of the police, fire, emergency services, prison services and the Armed Forces a medal.

Fears that the cost to do so could run to £35million and that there is not enough metal to make the medals have put a spanner in His Majesty’s plans.

The King is said to be less than impressed by the setback, according to those close to him.

Sources told the Daily Mail: “The King is furious about it. He believes that all service personnel who take part in the Coronation should receive a medal for doing so, along the lines of previous celebrations.”

Government insiders have claimed that Suella Braverman and the Home Office are against the idea and are trying to block it.

However, Home Office sources told the Daily Mail that while they supported the plan, they needed assurances about where the money was going to come from.

They explained: “We support giving Coronation medals to Armed Forces personnel and other uniformed officers.

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“Along with other departments, we’ve asked for a cross-Government approach to provide the funding for these medals.”

Coronation medals have been issued for each British monarch since the Coronation of King George IV in 1821.

120,000 medals were issued when Queen Elizabeth II when was crowned in 1953.

It featured a portrait of the Queen on one side and her Royal cypher on the other, and was given to members of the Royal Family, government officials and members of the Armed Forces.

Only 10,000 are expected to be made for Charles’ coronation and are expected to be given to key people involved in the ceremony, as well as members of the Royal household.

Its design is yet to be unveiled, but the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) has said it is still considering options.

A spokesman said: “As with other major state occasions, we are considering options for a Coronation medal.

“More details will be announced in due course.”

A source disputed the £35million figure and said the issue with metal had not been raised by officials.

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