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Knockback for Ukraine as EU membership talks 'at risk' after Zelensky 'reality check'

NewsKnockback for Ukraine as EU membership talks 'at risk' after Zelensky 'reality check'

The prospect of Ukraine’s European Union membership talks is now “at risk,” according to a senior official closely involved in preparations for the upcoming EU summit in Brussels on December 14-15.

The unnamed official revealed that discussions within the bloc have prompted a “reality check,” raising concerns about the feasibility and cost of further supporting Kyiv, especially in the face of ongoing Russian aggression.

While the EU has consistently assured Ukraine of unwavering support against external threats, the latest discussions have underscored the financial challenges involved, Sky News reports.

“Leaders…were realising it’s quite expensive,” noted the official, highlighting a growing awareness among EU member states of the economic implications of extending support to Ukraine.

The key question raised during the internal deliberations has been, “How do we pay for this?”

The question reflects the broader concern within the EU about the financial commitments associated with bolstering Ukraine’s position amid geopolitical tensions.

Adding to the uncertainty, the official disclosed that there is currently no consensus on granting Kyiv an additional €50 billion (£43 million).

The European Commission’s proposal to revise the long-term budget, allocating an extra €50 billion for Ukraine until 2027, has faced criticism from various quarters within the EU.

“We cannot allow Ukraine to go bankrupt; it’s not an option for us. But it’s not easy,” emphasised the official, highlighting the delicate balance the EU must strike between supporting Ukraine and managing its own financial resources.

As preparations for the EU summit intensify, the outcome of these discussions will likely have significant implications for the future of Ukraine’s bid for EU membership.

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