Liz Truss slammed for using 'Cold War playbook' in furious dig from China


Liz Truss slammed for using 'Cold War playbook' in furious dig from China

Beijing accused the Foreign Secretary of spreading "disinformation" about China and "parroting US rhetoric" in an attempt to disrupt "regional peac

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Beijing accused the Foreign Secretary of spreading “disinformation” about China and “parroting US rhetoric” in an attempt to disrupt “regional peace and stability”. This came after Ms Truss delivered a speech at the Lowy Institue of Australia, in which she accused China of “economic coercion” against other countries and called on the UK and Australia to work together to “rise up to face down these threats.”

China was previously Australia’s top trading partner but in 2020, after the relationship between the two nations soured, Beijing introduced tariffs and other trade actions against the country on a wide range of goods, including barley, wine, beef, seafood and coal exports.

Ms Truss also criticised Beijing for its close ties with Moscow, which she accused of working to “threaten and destabilise” other countries.

In her explosive speech, she hit out at the Kremlin for failing to “learn the lessons of history.”

Responding to the speech on Sunday, a spokesperson for the Chinese Embassy in London said: “The accusations against China in this speech confuse right and wrong and raise questions about their real intention.

“They are full of disinformation about China as well as the current international situation.

“What the people are seeing is China taking concrete measures in the spirit of a community with a shared future for mankind, and always striving to be a defender of world peace, a contributor to global development and an upholder of international order.

“Facts are facts. They will not be shaken because of the disinformation by a few.

“What the people are seeing is parroting of US rhetorics in the speech, drawing lines along ideology and discrediting other sovereign countries regardless of facts.

“This is an attempt to justify the move to create the small circles, which has inflicted negative impact on regional peace and stability.

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Ms Truss’s comments came during her trip to Australia, where she was holding talks on deepening security, defence and technological links with the country.

She was joined by Defence Secretary Ben Wallace for the annual “Aukmin” talks with Australia’s defence and foreign ministers.

In her speech, she said: “Threats to freedom, democracy and the rule of law are not just regional – they’re global. And that’s why we have to respond together.

“Iran’s nuclear programme has never been more advanced.

“China has been conducting military flights near Taiwan.

“And it is using its economic muscle to attempt to coerce democracies like Australia and Lithuania.

“Russia and China are working together more and more, as they strive to set the standards in technologies like artificial intelligence, assert their dominance over the Western Pacific through joint military exercises and in space through closer ties.”

However, former Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating hit out at Ms Truss’ remarks, calling them “demented”.

He encouraged the Foreign Secretary to return “back to her collapsing disreputable government”.