Long Covid symptoms: Epstein–Barr virus could be the cause increasing risk – what is it?

The first evidence linking EBV reactivation to long COVID, as well as an analysis of long Covid prevalence, was outlined in a long COVID study.

Lead study author Jeffrey E Gold said: “We ran EBV antibody tests on recovered COVID-19 patients, comparing EBV reactivation rates of those with long COVID symptoms to those without long COVID symptoms.

“The majority of those with long COVID symptoms were positive for EBV reactivation, yet only 10 percent of controls indicated reactivation.”

Researchers surveyed 185 randomly selected patients recovered from COVID-19 and found that 30.3 percent had long-term symptoms consistent with long COVID after initial recovery from a COVID-19 infection.

This included several patients with initially asymptomatic COVID-19 who later went on to develop long COVID symptoms.

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