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Lucy Letby's life inside prison from secret sex favours to being in cell 22 hours a day

NewsLucy Letby's life inside prison from secret sex favours to being in cell 22 hours a day

Lucy Letby faces a life spent behind bars without parole after she became the fourth woman in Britain to be given a whole-life order. 

The sick killer murdered seven babies in her care and attempted to kill six others between June 2015 and June 2016.

During the cumbersome 10-month trial, Letby spent time in four different prisons. But none will have been able to prepare her for what is about to come.

It’s not confirmed exactly where she’ll be sent, but it is understood she will likely have started in either HMP Bronzefield in Surrey or HMP Low Newton in Durham. 

Bronzefield is one of the largest female prisons in Europe where Rose West spent time before moving.

Currently inside are Shauna Hoare, who killed Becky Watts in 2015, and al-Qaeda fanatic Roshonara Choudhry who killed MP Stephen Timms back in 2010.

Low Newton housed Joanna Denehy, and Rose West as well, and Bernadette McNeilly.

Describing the horrors of Bronzefield, former inmate Sophie Campbell wrote in her book Breakfast At Bronzefield: “As well as same-sex relationships thriving in Bronzefield, some female prisoners were engaging in sexual favours with the officers to get drugs or food, and that was a real shock for me. 

“It’s so horrible how normalised it is, often gossiped and giggled about.

“Violence is everywhere. It puts you on edge. You have to be alert as a situation can escalate rapidly.

“That’s why you learn to adopt a new code of conduct inside.”

She even spoke of seeing a woman have boiling water thrown on her face early on during her sentence.

She added: “It rattles you. You know it could be you – say the wrong thing, or look at the wrong person and you could be burned and blistered and never offered medical treatment.”

If Letby has been sent HMP Low Newton, she could receive extra care and attention. The prison is home to the Primrose Project, which treats “dangerous and severe personality disorders”.

The Project includes a full-blown library and a designer fashion store. Some inmates are even allowed to decorate their cells.

But while her surroundings may be nicer in Low Newton, there’s a chance she’ll be targeted by other inmates for the rest of her life.

The Mirror reports she will be spending at least 22 hours a day inside her single cell – approximately 1.8 metres wide by three metres in length.

Inside the cell, Letby will have a single bed, a storage unit, a chair, and a toilet.

Her lonely life will be filled with reading stories about others – she will be able to read newspapers, books, and watch TV, but not much else. And for an hour a day, she will be able to exercise, walking the prison grounds.

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