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Man sends neighbours note after child's ball goes over fence once too often

NewsMan sends neighbours note after child's ball goes over fence once too often

A fed-up neighbour has sent his messages a polite but firm note – after their children’s ball landed on his property once too often.

Peter Chen sent his note after the ball flew into his garden in Perth, Australia, and broke his side light.

The frustrated neighbour, who said children had thrown stuff over his fence before, put pen to paper and made it clear in no uncertain terms that it would be the last time the ball was returned.

His note read:  “Hi just letting you know that this ball has smashed our side alley light bulb.

“If you could please let the kids know that this will be the last time we will be returning the ball, that would be appreciated. Thanks – Peter (from next door).”

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On a Tweet accompanying the note, he wrote:  “Neighbour’s kids keep throwing stuff over the fence. Balls. Toy cars. Shoes. Bottles. Rubbish. Keys. Today, they have throw[n] a ball over and smashed our side light.

“I was pretty darn close to sending the ball back over with a knife sticking in it. Instead they get a note.

“On the positive side, I think the neighbours realise how much their kids are annoying us.

“Someone must have had a word with the “men” of the house to stop parking on our front verge, to try and keep some semblance of neighbourly peace. The dad must be influencing the kids badly.

Other Twitter users praised Peter’s measured response to the ball being kicked into his garden.

One wrote:  “Totally sympathise. Our neighbours kid constantly kicks his ball, sometimes two or three in our garden every day. We chuck it back and it’s over again 10 mins later.

“The dad’s an ar** so there’s no getting through to them. The knife is a tempting solution.”

Another added:  “This is a much nicer note than I would have left that’s for sure They also wouldn’t be getting any of their s*** back.”

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