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Man stunned as he uncovers secret 'sex dungeon' in family home filled with 'creepy books'

NewsMan stunned as he uncovers secret 'sex dungeon' in family home filled with 'creepy books'

A man discovered a “sex dungeon” as he inspected what he believed to be his home’s only basement when investigating a plumbing issue.

He said the issue spurred him into looking into a previously-unexplored crawl space vent and there he found the access point for a sealed extra basement.

The man said his family owned the 120-year-old house for two years before his discovery and none of the sale papers mentioned the secret space.

He shared his discovery on Reddit, saying he discovered some “creepy books” and other personal items when exploring the space.

He wrote: “This is been my family’s home for over two years – we own the home. Our paperwork and home inspection shows no mention of this extra basement in square foot or in the details of the home.

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“My house has always had a small (10×10) basement that houses my hot water heater and furnace. It’s very leaky and old, original to the house of 1900 or before.

“My home has been added on twice. Under the second addition in the 1950s/1960s, they made another 28×10 basement, complete with Ductwork, outlets, light fixtures. Some of that may have been added in the next years.

“[But there’s also a] basement that has been sealed in secret – no evidence that it ever existed.

“We have never thought anything of our 4×10 storage closet, which turns out to be a stairway leading to the secret basement. It’s complete with a solid permanent floor.”

The man said he entered the “secret room” and unearthed several papers, including “creepy sex education stuff” with “detailed” pictures.

He continued: “I found the basement when I busted out some crawlspace vents to investigate some plumbing. When I looked inside, I found a concrete floor 8 feet below.”

“I found a notepad, it looks like. Food, Chemistry, and some creepy sex education stuff about rape and incest,” he added.

“I also looked behind the wall – [there was] a small dirty blanket and a plastic line buried in the dirt. I couldn’t get it out – but [it] seems to be nothing.

“There’s detailed pictures of most the writing. One says ‘R gang weapon *something* then another referring to this hole as a palace.”

The man suggested the former owners sealed the secondary basement before putting the property up for sale.

Since discovering what Reddit users described as a “sex dungeon”, the man said he learned the previous homeowners – a family of four – had been struck by tragedy whilst living inside the home.

He added: “The girl died in a tornado at 30 some years of age. The father died at a local nursing home. The mother died at the hospital, and on the day of her funeral, her 55-year-old mentally disabled son who had never moved out died in the home.

“The basement was sealed during the family’s ownership, and because of the deaths of the entire family, I may never find out why they boarded up and sealed tight this finished and dry 28×10 basement. I want to open it up and finish it, but its past worries me.”

One fellow user commented on the post saying: “Congratulations on discovering the kill room.”

Another joked: “Are we going to pretend that this wasn’t a sex dungeon? Totally looks like a sex dungeon.”

While one user simply noted: “Someone else suggested a tornado shelter, I think that’s most likely.”

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