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Man suffers 'abhorrent' service on flight after refusing to move seats for family

NewsMan suffers 'abhorrent' service on flight after refusing to move seats for family

A man claimed air hostesses gave him “abhorrent service” after he denied moving seats on a plan to accommodate a family of four. Sharing his experience on social media forum, Reddit, the man said that he had paid an extra amount for a seat so he could have more legroom during the 10-hour flight. 

However, he was in a fix after he refused to give up his seat to a family of six who were hoping to sit together.

The annoyed passenger asked the social media for a piece of advice on whether he’d acted unreasonably after refusing to give the seat up.

In his account, he admitted that he was “pretty sure [he’d acted like] a**hole” but was keen to hear other opinions.

He wrote: “I paid a small amount extra for a seat that is in the front of the cabin – the coach seat that has a wall in front of it and extra legroom because it’s my second leg in a 20-hour total trip.

“Two adults, two children (8ish?) and two infants would like to fill this row of four. Two adults with one infant each in the bassinet in front of them, and the two middle-schoolers. The attendant asked if I would move to a similar seat so they could sit together.

“I said, ‘but I paid extra for this seat’”.

The response was that the other seat was the exact same, so sure. It was not the exact same. It was the same chair, aisle, and class, but it was not with the extra legroom.

I said, “absolutely not.”

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“So one of the middle schoolers had to sit by themselves.”

Describing what happened next, he said other passengers were shooting him looks for the rest of the flight.

He added: “Service on the flight for me was abhorrent in comparison to everyone around me,” as he claimed staff “forgot” to serve him and seemed extra slow to respond to his requests.

But after sharing the story on Reddit, a lot of people felt that the man hadn’t done anything wrong at all, and pointed out that staff could have handled it differently.

One person wrote: “You paid more and planned ahead. They didn’t. Too many parents think the rest of us will just give them want they want even if they don’t pay or plan for it.”

Another added: “If the flight attendants had wanted to make it easier for the parents by you moving, they should have offered you a better seat. I bet there were a few open in first class.”

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