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Man visits beautiful pub as he gets a glimpse of the afterlife

NewsMan visits beautiful pub as he gets a glimpse of the afterlife

A spiritual medium has described the afterlife as a beautiful place full of angels and wonderment, with the added bonus of a colourful pub, after he fell into a two-month long coma. 

David Hanzel was lying on his deathbed after flatlining in hospital in September 2015, following an almost fatal bout of sepsis coupled with a lung infection, when he drifted off into the next world.

And the North Carolina 57-year-old revealed that his vision of ‘heaven’ had given him a new sense of perspective.

“I just remember closing my eyes because I was sick,” he told the Daily Star. “I didn’t even know I was dead, I didn’t, I had no conception.

”And then when I opened my eyes back up, I was in this night sky.

“It was the most beautiful, velvety, silky night sky. 

“No clouds. No stars. No nothing. And there wasn’t a beginning or end to it.”

He explained how he was joined by two friendly guides who showed him a golden-white light, adding: “It was so pretty and there were all these angels and everything going up into it.”

And then came the best bit for David — a visit to an ethereal pub.

“They put me in almost like a bar,” he went on. “It had these beautiful coloured bottles on the side. No alcohol or nothing.”

David then “floated” up the side of a big, marble skyscraper, as his epic journey into the afterlife continued, while his body back on Earth continued to fight against infection, desperately struggling to keep him alive.

Two months after falling into his coma, he woke up, healed from his afflictions and his view on his humble life changed from that moment on.

He said: “I came back with total forgiveness for everybody who’s ever done anything bad to me.

“I think it literally took dying to understand all those things and all about religion.”

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