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Markle family branded 'tasteless' as explosive interview airs DAYS away from Coronation

NewsMarkle family branded 'tasteless' as explosive interview airs DAYS away from Coronation

The Markles have shown themselves up as “tasteless” after airing an explosive interview on the Duchess of Sussex less than a week away from King Charles’s Coronation.

Thomas Markle Sr will join his son Tom Jr and daughter Samantha for their first reunion since the former Suits star married Prince Harry and “iced” them out of her life, according to the teaser trailer for the exclusive interview with Channel 7.

It will contain a number of bombshell allegations, with the Markles accusing Meghan of lying about her life before marrying into the monarchy.

Responding to claims made by Meghan in her Oprah and Netflix specials, Samantha will hit back at her half-sibling over what she claims is a “co-dependent” and “toxic relationship” with Harry.

Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, PR guru Carla Speight branded the move beyond the pale, claiming that it betrays the estranged family’s true motives.

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“The fact it’s going out on the eve of the coronation just proves how fame hungry, classless and tasteless they really are,” the celebrity expert claimed.

She added: “The Markles are the only people who should be embarrassed by this. The Royal family, Meghan and Harry have nothing to worry about.”

Despite being billed as the “last documentary ever”, Speight very much doubts Markle family’s upcoming interview will be the last time they speak to the media.

“Of course, they’re not going away,” the celebrity PR guru said, before adding that “they don’t appear to want to let that go any time soon”.

Speight also warned that the Markle family’s ongoing relationship with the press will be taking its toll emotionally on the Duchess of Sussex.

“Imagine if it was your family, staging photos and milking your wedding and name for money. That kind of damage lasts a lifetime,” she said.

Speight was referring to the infamous incident in which Thomas Markle posed for paparazzi photos in a bid to improve his image.

Meghan’s estranged father set up snaps of himself getting fitted for a suit and reading articles about his daughter in the run up to the Royal Wedding – a move he has since expressed regret over.

“They are milking the surname, which by all accounts is the only thing that connects them after the abysmal behaviour they’ve displayed,” Speight claimed.

The PR guru brands the family’s actions “appalling”, especially given that Harry and Meghan have been open about her mental health battles.

“Despite knowing about their enormous invasion of privacy and how that has impacted her and Harry’s mental health,” Speight said.

The Markle family’s flirtation with the press also has horrifying echoes of the past for Harry, she claimed.

“It eerily mirrors what Harry believes ultimately caused his mother’s death,” added Speight.

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Harry has long railed against the press intrusion that he says clouded his childhood and contributed to the death of his mother, Princess Diana.

What to expect

A host of “treasured memories, home truths and secret tapes” about the Duchess of Sussex are set to be unveiled.

Meghan’s estranged father will make a desperate plea to his daughter as he attempts to mend their broken relationship from his deathbed.

Thomas makes a desperate “deathbed plea” to “the daughter he lost”, according to the trailer’s narrator.

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