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Massive shark spotted by fishermen while sailing off the coast of a Spanish resort

NewsMassive shark spotted by fishermen while sailing off the coast of a Spanish resort

A group of fishermen were left shocked after they saw a massive shark approaching their boat. The group was sailing off the coast of a Spanish resort that’s popular with British holidaymakers. They were out on the water near Cap de Formentor, near Puerto Pollensa, Majorca when they caught sight of a huge, grey shark as it swam up close to their boat.

The video captured by one of the members of the group shows the large beast, which has been identified as a six-gilled, flat-toothed reef shark, approaching their boat in the calm waters.

The fishermen decided to turn the boat engine off so that they wouldn’t hurt the shark.

Sightings of this species, which species is named “cow sharks”, is considered “very unusual” as it usually lives at the bottom of the sea and does not tend to come to the surface, the Majorca Daily Bulletin reports.

Cow sharks are considered harmless but can become aggressive when provoked.

They can rest at depths of up to 6,500 feet.

However, according to the report, this is the third shark sighting off the coast of Spain in the last week alone.

Last week, terrified British families rushed out of the sea after a shark was spotted near a Spanish holiday hotspot.

Lifeguards at Aguamarina Beach, near Alicante, had a dramatic day on the job when a shark was spotted just yards offshore.

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Holidaymakers raced out of the water as lifeguards blew their warning whistles.

‌Eyewitnesses said that one elderly woman suffered a panic attack in the water, and had to be helped to safety by fellow swimmers.

‌The incident in Orihuela Costa took place at around 10am yesterday (Thursday, June 15).

‌The shark is believed to have been a tintorera or blue shark, roughly seven feet in length.

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