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Meet Russia chief's glamorous wife who ‘radiates richness’ & rents £132,000-a-month villa

NewsMeet Russia chief's glamorous wife who ‘radiates richness’ & rents £132,000-a-month villa

Svetlana Maniovich (aka Ivanova) is the wife of the Russian Deputy Minister of Defence Timur Ivanov, one of Vladimir Putin’s men behind the decision to invade Ukraine, has been filmed partying and luxury shopping in the UK, France and Italy.

Maria Pevchikh, Head of the FBK Investigation Department, an anti-corruption foundation which publishes investigations into alleged corruption by high-ranking Russian government officials, denounced the effortless movements of Ivanova across Europe on Twitter.

Posting videos and pictures of the Russian national, Pevchikh showed Ivanova partying in Courchevel three weeks ago, 13 months into the war.

She wrote: “This is Svetlana Maniovich. She is your guide to the world of extreme Russian glamour. She radiates richness. Diamonds, furs, Rolls Royces – she has it all and more. In summer you can find her in St Tropez where she rents a villa for €150k/month, or on a yacht in Naples.

“She is in the heart of Europe, wearing her diamonds and furs. How did the wife of a war criminal sneak into France? Let me tell you.

“There wasn’t much sneaking involved. As insane as it sounds, she is totally allowed to come to the EU and walk up and down the Champs-Élysées spending the money her husband made by bombing apartment blocks, killing children and beheading soldiers in Ukraine.

“She doesn’t have any other money. She is a woman of leisure and requires sponsorship. Her ex-husband who she left for Ivanov warned him that he won’t be able to afford her. ‘Svetlana demands at least $50k a month’. How do I know this? The divorce was covered by Tatler. Fun!

“But despite being a government official Ivanov managed to scrape together a few pennies to make his wife happy. Svetlana can have all the budget she wants for the things she loves.

“They have enough cash to even buy a ‘holiday Rolls-Royce’. They have one in Moscow, but since they spend so much time at the French Riviera, they bought another one there too. It’s a retro Rolls-Royce Corniche. It just sits in a garage and waits for them all year round.”

Pevchikh claims the money comes from corruption as Ivanov receives “kickbacks from whoever he assigns MoD construction contracts to”.

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She continued: “On March 17, 2022, the day Putin’s army ravaged Mariupol, Svetlana went, by invitation, to Joel Arthur Rosenthal’s jewellery store in Paris to pick up some diamonds.

“On March 23, the day Kyiv got shelled at night, Svetlana took a Eurostar trip to visit her son in London.

“Her life in Europe wasn’t hindered by the war her husband started. This was made possible by two simple tricks. 1) Svetlana illegally obtained an Israeli passport (there is a court ruling) 2) She has preemptively divorced Ivanov in August 2022, 5 months into the war.

“So the sanctions don’t affect her. She can keep her bank accounts, her assets and her shopping holidays.

“Despite the fact that every euro she spends at Hermes and Cartier in Paris is a blood soaked euro. She can even keep the Parisian apartment she rents for her family.

“See? No false identities. No sneaking through the border. The family of a war criminal is living in Paris as if nothing happened.”

It comes as the European Commission and EU countries are preparing the next round of sanctions against Russia.

Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has said the new package will focus on tackling sanctions loopholes and circumvention.

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