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Meghan and Harry caught in 'disastrous PR outcome' over refusal to budge on key strategy

NewsMeghan and Harry caught in 'disastrous PR outcome' over refusal to budge on key strategy

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry sparked a “disastrous PR outcome” with their refusal to pivot away from attacking the Royal Family, a reputation management expert warned.

Meghan and Harry have repeatedly levelled accusations at the Royal Family and singular members of the institution about their conduct towards them.

But their strategy has left them facing a significant drop in popularity both in the US and the UK, and has divided popular opinion even further.

PR expert Edward Coram James noted the couple should have changed their approach to a more “low-key” plan to avoid appearing “immature” and giving the Royal Family the PR upper hand.

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Speaking to Express.co.uk, Coram James said: “So far, there has been a clear winner and a clear loser in the PR war between the Royals and the Sussexes.

“And Meghan has come out the loser. Her reputation building was based on the premise that the public would empathise with her as a victim, and wag their fingers at the Royal Family, the perpetrators. She needed to be able to take the public on this journey with her.

“However, it has backfired and, for the majority of people, the two opposing crisis management strategies employed by the two sides has led to Megan looking like the perpetrator and the Royal Family looking like the victims.

“This is what happens when one side appears to be doing all the punching while the other side not only doesn’t appear to punch back but instead offers opportunities for reconciliation (that are then rejected).”

Coram James argued the earlier strategy adopted by the Sussexes made the Royal Family appear more “sensitive and mature” with their continued “never complain, never explain strategy.”

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Royal commentator Kinsey Schofield told Express.co.uk the Duchess of Sussex likely opted not to attend the Coronation out of “self-preservation”.

The To Di For Daily host said: “I think we all knew it was critical for the Sussex brand to have a presence at the Coronation.

“Harry’s association with his family is 99 percent of the reason important people answer his phone calls as he tries to become a mover and shaker in the United States.

“Meghan’s absence is likely self-preservation. I don’t believe she would be positively received at the coronation, but Harry without Meghan could garner a less offensive response.”

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