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Meghan and Harry would 'just be two struggling filmmakers' without their royal links

NewsMeghan and Harry would 'just be two struggling filmmakers' without their royal links

Coram-James told Express.co.uk: “For their embryonic careers to get off the ground, and to gain the time that they need, the people that they need to be able to work with and the financial and distribution backing that they will require, they need to remain Royals. At least for the time being.

“It keeps them relevant [and] buys them time and brings in deals. Or, to put it more bluntly: were they not Royals, no one in Hollywood would care.

“They would just be two more struggling filmmakers lost in an Ocean of struggling film makers.”

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He added that the “bare minimum” list to ensure their relevance would have “attending the Coronation” at the top.

The PR expert added: “If [Prince] Harry did not attend the Coronation, his allure as an inner circle royal would start to fade, and so would his career prospects.

“So, although he may well be attending in part out of loyalty to family, even during testing times, he will also be keenly aware that his career also, to an uncomfortable degree, depends on it.”

Last December, the Sussexes released their six-episode Netflix docuseries, which was simply titled ‘Harry and Meghan’.

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The couple released the docuseries as part of their multi-million dollar deal with the streaming service.

Meghan was due to release her own animated series ‘Pearl’ – as part of the contract deal – however, the series was scrapped last year.

Not as highly publicised, the couple also released another series on Netflix shortly after their docuseries. This series was titled Live to Lead.

Prince Harry is set to return to the UK next week. The 38-year-old is attending the King’s Coronation alone, with Meghan choosing to remain in the US with the couple’s two children.

Coram-James also told Express.co.uk that Meghan’s absence from the historic event is “a win for the day itself”.

However, he added that actually for the Duchess of Sussex, the decision could be deemed “a mistake”.

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