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Meghan boasted about meeting Harry as Samantha reveals Duchess's first words about him

NewsMeghan boasted about meeting Harry as Samantha reveals Duchess's first words about him

Meghan Markle boasted about meeting royalty when discussing her first date with Prince Harry, the Duchess’s half-sister claimed.

Samantha Markle, her father and brother Thomas Markle Jr came together in a final attempt to rouse a reaction from Meghan ahead of the Coronation.

In a 50-minute onslaught, the trio lamented the Duchess of Sussex’s refusal to meet to discuss their differences and the impact her decision has been having on Thomas Markle Sr’s health.

Samantha was particularly caustic towards her half-sister, claiming the Duchess had bragged about being introduced to a “prince” when she first discussed Harry with their father.

Speaking in the 7NEWS Spotlight exclusive, she said: “‘Daddy, I met a prince’ was, verbatim, what was said.

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So not, ‘I met a man and he’s really interesting and I want to get to know him more.’ It was, ‘I met a prince’.”

Harry and Meghan first met in the Summer of 2016 after being set up by mutual friend Violet von Westenholz.

The couple kept their relationship on the down-low for several months despite the Duke whisking his then-girlfriend off to Botswana for their third date.

Their romance was confirmed in November when Harry issued a lengthy statement demanding Meghan’s privacy be respected.

They announced their engagement the following year and they appeared together for a brief photo call outside Kensington Palace before their first joint interview was broadcast on the BBC.

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Thomas Markle Sr was scheduled to walk the Duchess down the aisle of St George’s Chapel in May 2018 but he ultimately did not attend after suffering two heart attacks before the wedding.

His relationship with the Duchess was further marred after it was revealed he had struck an agreement with the paparazzi to have pictures taken showing him seemingly buying a book about Windsor and preparing to jet off to the UK.

Despite repeated attempts to push Meghan into rekindling her relationship with her father and siblings over the years, the Duchess has remained estranged from her family.

The Duke was especially critical of his father-in-law in his memoir Spare, calling his photographs in the run-up to the wedding “humiliating.”

Samantha Markle harshly rebuked the comments, saying: “My father, he worked 40 years in television.

“Won two Emmy Awards, was nominated for another one and so all of his peers at ABC and then television see a deadbeat dad.

“He’s a drunk, he’s slovenly, he’s cashing in on his daughter. At no time did she come out and say don’t treat my family like that, that’s not true.

“She had the opportunity if we were misunderstanding something, to set it straight and to take charge in a positive way.”

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