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Meghan likely 'kept her head down' after Spare over fears for brand damage, says expert

NewsMeghan likely 'kept her head down' after Spare over fears for brand damage, says expert

Meghan Markle likely “kept her head down” because her brand has been damaged in the US, a PR expert has claimed, as Prince Harry plans to attend the Coronation of his father King Charles alone. It has been confirmed that Meghan, 41, will stay in the US to be with their children, Prince Archie Harrison, three and Princess Lilibet Diana, one.

Reports say that Archie’s birthday, which also falls on May 6, is a factor behind Harry and Meghan’s arrangement.

However, some believe that other considerations, such as the Sussexes’ brand, played a role.

PR expert Mark Borkowski tells the MailOnline that Meghan decided to stay at home because of the damage done by Harry’s memoir ‘Spare’.

He said: “She’s kept her head down for some time. I suspect this is due to the noise that accompanied Spare, it created debate and a huge amount of coverage. I don’t think it played well in America, especially with their fundraisers.

He continued: “There is nothing for her to gain from disrupting the King’s big day. She needs to stand back. In the PR game it is choosing your battles and the strategy will be to get past the coronation.

“But the Meghan and Harry story is way beyond the boundaries of Britain and the Commonwealth. There will definitely be a relaunch by Meghan. It is impossible for them to stay quiet.”

However, the PR expert also believes that Harry and Meghan will find it difficult to succeed without the help of their royal background.

Borkowski believes that Harry and Meghan risk ending up “like Edward and Mrs Simpson” if their royal exile continues – a reference to the 1936 abdication of King Edward VIII, who gave up his throne to marry the twice-divorced American Wallis Simpson.

He continued: “They need the royal pomp and ceremony. They could end up becoming an entity like Edward and Mrs Simpson. Some forlorn royals with no connection to the family being in exile. There are parallels there.

“They will be very quick to regenerate interest. But it is going to be more and more difficult. For many Spare was a set of stories that went too far.”

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