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Meghan Markle couldn't face coming to Coronation because 'country doesn't like her'

NewsMeghan Markle couldn't face coming to Coronation because 'country doesn't like her'

Meghan Markle’s decision to not attend King Charles’s Coronation shows she cannot face a “country of people that didn’t like her”, royal expert Ingrid Seward has claimed. It was confirmed this week that the Duchess of Sussex, 41, will not join Prince Harry, 38, at on May 6, and will instead celebrate Archie’s fourth birthday in America. Seward argues arriving at Westminster Abbey with the Duke “would have taken guts”.

The editor-in-chief of Majesty magazine said she thinks Meghan “has let herself down” as she believed the Duchess could show face by attending the Coronation.

Seward said: “She could have come to the UK, be on the arm of her husband, gone to the Abbey and just thought ’stuff the lot of you’, ‘I’m here, I’m looking gorgeous, I can do this, I’m an actress after all and then we’re going to go home’.

“I think that would have taken guts, because I believe that she really couldn’t face the idea of coming here to an Abbey full of people who didn’t like her.

“Potentially a country of people that didn’t like her.”

Speaking to Dan Wootton on GB News, Seward added: “The birthday party of a four-year-old child, it’s an excuse.

“I think she’s let herself down, her husband down and very much her father-in-law down.”

Wootton also asked broadcaster Joanna Jarjue her thoughts on the decision, adding: “She just didn’t want to be booed did she?”

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Jarjue replied: “I think it’s interesting that the narrative has changed because before, it was that Meghan is such an attention seeker, and if she did turn up to the Coronation it’s just because she wants all this attention and she can’t bear not to be associated with the Royal Family.

“Now that she’s actually done what all you guys have been telling her to do, stay away, now it’s that she’s gutless and she can’t stand being booed.

“And actually, I think it’s really interesting how the narrative has changed, and I find it quite misogynistic.”

Meanwhile, the Mirror reported that, according insiders, Meghan was “upset” Lilibet and Archie are missing out on the Coronation.

Another royal source told the outlet: “The truth of the matter is the Duchess was never likely to attend the Coronation.

“The mood from California was that she felt increasingly put in an impossible position and there’s a fair sense of relief that the situation is resolved after so much speculation and uncertainty.

“It is one thing to attend the late Queen’s funeral out of respect for Her Majesty but another thing entirely to attend the start of a new reign.”

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