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Meghan Markle snubs Met Gala and hunkers down in California ahead of Coronation

NewsMeghan Markle snubs Met Gala and hunkers down in California ahead of Coronation

Similar concerns reportedly stood in the way of Harry and Meghan making an appearance at the Oscars in 2018.

Gossip blogger Elaine Lui wrote for LaineyGossip this week: “There were calls back and forth between teams, some early fashion queries were even made.

“They couldn’t make it work. My sources told me, though the willingness was strong on both sides, it’s very unlikely that it will happen.”

There was also debate among fashion experts over whether Anna Wintour, a chairwoman of the Gala event since 1995, would even want Meghan to attend.

She said: “I read somewhere that there were members of the royal household that were confused and upset that she woke up so early, at 5am.

“She’s a normal California girl who gets up early and does yoga and meditates. She also sent a lot of text messages. I mean, what did they expect? That she was going to send messages via pigeon? I think she’s amazing.”

Hailing the Sussex’s 2018 wedding, Ms Wintour added: “I think that her choice (of dress) was brilliant. It was sophisticated, it was chic, it was grown up.”

In 2019, Ms Wintour also praised Meghan’s day-to-day fashion sense, branding it “fantastic.”

She told Page Six: “Maybe it’s a little bit boring and time to change. I’ve been thinking a lot about suits recently so … thank you to the Duchess of Sussex!”

“Obviously, her style is fantastic.

“When she went on that trip to Australia and New Zealand, she was very respectful in choosing a lot of unknown Australian designers to wear, which was great. But I think, more importantly, she’s really bringing modernity to the royal family in a way that is inspiring.”

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