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Meghan Markle warned memoir would 'further sink her image' in UK and US

NewsMeghan Markle warned memoir would 'further sink her image' in UK and US

Meghan Markle has been warned writing and releasing her own tell-all memoirs “would further damage her image and standing” in both the UK and the US.

The Duchess of Sussex, along with her husband Prince Harry, have suffered a fierce backlash to claims they have made against the Royal Family since relocating to America in 2020, with their popularity in polls plunging.

The former actress has so far remained tight-lipped over her next career move, although royal author Tom Bower told GB News earlier this month: “My view is that she is writing her memoirs and it will be a huge money-spinner.”

That would mirror Harry, who released his tell-all memoir Spare in January, but Meghan has been warned if she does follow suit with more claims against the royals, it would make her even more unpopular in the UK and US.

Nile Gardiner, a Washington-based royal enthusiast and foreign policy expert, told Daily Express US: “Meghan is hugely unpopular on both sides of the Atlantic and those levels are greater than those of Harry.

“All the money in the world will not repair her damaged reputation. Even spending tens of millions of dollars on a PR makeover, won’t succeed. The American and British people can now see right through that.

Meghan’s memoirs could well be a best-seller but they would further damage her image and standing among the vast majority of Americans and Britons.

“A book like this won’t make her more popular – it will further sink her image.”

In the US, a devastating new poll from Newsweek revealed Meghan’s popularity in her home country had plunged below that of Harry.

In the UK, a YouGov poll of 2,200 adults from August 26-28 found 68 percent had a “total negative” view of her compared to just 24 percent with a “total positive” opinion.

This gave her a net favouribility score of -44, although this improved slightly by three points from the previous survey in early June.

But if Meghan does decide to write her own memoirs, one expert explained how it could make her “tens of millions of dollars” – even before it is released.

Entertainment expert Mark Boardman told Daily Express US: “Given her status as a former member of the Royal Family and her celebrity status, there is undoubtedly significant interest in her personal story.

“Such a memoir has the potential to be a substantial money-spinner, both in terms of book sales and potential media deals.

“Meghan Markle could make a substantial amount of money from her memoirs, ranging from several million dollars for the advance alone to tens of millions or more when accounting for royalties, international rights, and related opportunities.

“Being a significant public profile like Meghan Markle, can secure substantial advance payments from publishers.

“Advances for high-profile memoirs can range from several million dollars to even tens of millions, depending on the bidding war among publishers, although any deal will have terms attached to it that will ensure maximum sales and minimize family in-fighting and potential lawsuits.”

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