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Mental health firm paying Prince Harry '£1m a year' branded 'toxic' by employees

NewsMental health firm paying Prince Harry '£1m a year' branded 'toxic' by employees

A mental health firm that employs Prince Harry has been blasted for its “toxicity” by former employees following a round of cuts.

BetterUp, which employed the Duke of Sussex as its chief impact officer two years ago for a reported £1 million a year, has also been accused of “bullying”.

The company recently sacked 100 employees in order to cut costs – several former workers took to the review site Glassdoor to vent their frustration at what one former staff member called its “toxic culture”.

One reviewer wrote: “Cult-like facade, bullying, toxicity, everyone out for themselves.”

An account executive who spent less than a year at BetterUp said the company was “hands down the worst company I’ve worked for.”

Another added: “Worst of all, in a company dedicated to helping others achieve psychological safety, there is no physiological safety.”

Others urged the company to get rid of “dead wood”, including Prince Harry. Less than half of the 490 people who spent time working at BetterUp would recommend working there to a friend.

A current employee at the company voiced concerns about long hours. They said: “Long working weeks can lead to burnout.”

Another current employee said they got “told to get over stuff or that stuff is your fault [while] leaders change directions constantly”.  

Several employees and former employees lauded their work colleagues but one added: “The people [are a pro]. Best in class individual contributors (well at least until they started getting pushed out or laid off).”

BetterUp was founded in 2013. It employs about 2,000 coaches and has around 300 clients. The company says its employees are “empowered to go above and beyond to reach their best self”.

When Prince Harry was first appointed, he said: “I firmly believe focusing on and prioritising mental fitness unlocks potential and opportunity.”

Prince Harry has emerged as an advocate for mental health awareness and even said he was using BetterUp’s services, telling US TV show host Stephen Colbert it was the most used app on his phone.

The Daily Express has reached out to the Sussexes’ Archewell organisation and BetterUp for comment.

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