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Migrants 'guaranteed a minimum of three star hotels' as pressure builds to cut £8m bill

NewsMigrants 'guaranteed a minimum of three star hotels' as pressure builds to cut £8m bill

Migrants are being guaranteed “a minimum of three-star” hotels, a Home Office contract has revealed.

The Government also wants asylum seekers to be booked in rooms “close to amenities and transport networks.”

The Home Office is under intense pressure to cut the £8 million-per-day hotel bill.

But the most recent contract issued by the Home Office stated: “The location of the accommodation will be carried out at locations close to amenities and transport networks. Contracted venues should be at least a minimum of three stars.”

Sir John Hayes, a close ally of Home Secretary Suella Braverman said: “My constituents wouldn’t expect any illegal immigrant to be housed in a place they couldn’t afford to stay in themselves.

“We need to provide safe and clean accommodation but it should be basic – three-star is well above the level taxpayers would expect to be funding. In truth, we’ve got to move these people out of hotels altogether.”

According to instructions issued to Australian firm Corporate Travel Management, the Home Office expects the asylum accommodation estate to “come under significantly more pressure” as more Channel migrants arrive on small boats.

“To meet demand and fulfil our statutory obligations across asylum and resettlement schemes, the buyer is currently reliant upon the growing use of bridging accommodation to provide temporary accommodation for asylum seekers and refugees prior to their asylum decision being made/settled accommodation being sourced.”

A Home Office spokesman said: “The vast majority of hotels used to house asylum seekers do not have a minimum star requirement and we remain committed to ending the use of expensive hotels.

“That is why we are moving people into alternative, cheaper accommodation, doubling up in hotel rooms, and clearing the legacy backlog.

“Through the Illegal Migration Act, this Government will also go further by ensuring that anyone arriving in the UK illegally is detained and swiftly removed to their country of origin or a safe third country.”

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