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Mind-boggling optical illusion puts viewers into a spin – test YOUR vision here

NewsMind-boggling optical illusion puts viewers into a spin – test YOUR vision here

Optical illusions can have a baffling effect on the brain and cause it to see things that aren’t really there or cause still images to move. One optical illusion posted online is making waves, literally.

The image features a yellow square with small green bug-like creatures arranged in an apparently random order.

However, although the image is still, looking at it gives the appearance of a series of waves rippling across its surface in a diamond-like formation.

Posted on the social media platform Reddit, the post has caused consternation among some users.

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One wrote: “I’m sorry please help, what to look for or see?”

In response, another wrote: “Depending on what area you focus on the other areas bugs appear to move.

“You might try to max the picture size on your phone and perhaps bring it closer to your face. This way it could correctly simulate the way it was meant to be viewed.”

Another user replied: “Fantastic post! Stop moving, ya little buggers!!”

The post is just another example of an optical illusion causing the mind to perceive something that isn’t there.

According to the University of Queensland optical illusions happen as a result of miscommunication between the eyes and the brain.

They said: “When our brain and eyes try to speak to each other in simple language but the interpretation gets a bit mixed up. For example, it thinks our eyes told it something is moving but that’s not what the eyes meant to say to the brain.”

While optical illusions can be used for fun, they can also have serious applications, for example, in wars.

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