More than half of Britons want second-hand EV, but battery condition remains a concern

Around 52 percent of Britons would be open to buying a used electric vehicle as the country moves away from traditional petrol and diesel cars. The survey, from Admiral Insurance, also found that 55 percent of drivers are looking to switch to a second-hand electric car within the next five years.

With the ban on sales of new petrol and diesel cars being introduced in 2030, many motorists are starting to consider investing in an electric car. 

To help drivers considering buying a second-hand electric vehicle, Admiral has created an online tool which highlights how much a second-hand electric car would cost on average.

Professor Peter Wells, an automotive expert from Cardiff University, commented on the prospect of more people buying a second-hand electric vehicle.

He said: “In many respects, buying a second-hand EV is like buying any second-hand car and prospective buyers need to think about the vehicles’ age, mileage, overall conditions, price and expected depreciation.

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Almost one third (31 percent) of survey participants said that their main consideration before purchasing a second-hand electric vehicle was the condition of the battery.

This is followed by 28 percent concerned about charging range and 20 percent with running costs.

More traditional checks like how the vehicle costs, insurance prices and depreciation value were less important to drivers.

More than half of motorists (53 percent) said they would prefer to visit a garage or dealership rather than a private seller or using an online company.

Admiral also identified that drivers would spend an equal amount of time looking into a second-hand electric car as they would a petrol or diesel vehicle.

This is despite 65 percent confessing to not feeling confident about buying a second-hand EV, and 35 percent admitting to not knowing anything about used EV’s.

Clare Egan, the Head of Motor at Admiral, highlighted the alternative of second-hand electric vehicles to consumers, thanks to the lower costs.

She said: “Unsurprisingly, the second-hand market is currently not as developed as for petrol and diesel used cars and motorists may find they have to travel further than they’d ideally like to find the right car for them.

“If you’re considering buying a used electric vehicle, we’d recommend doing your research to find a make and model that suits your needs and is within your budget.

“Like any car you purchase make sure to check the age, mileage, overall condition and expected depreciation of the vehicle before signing on the dotted line.”

Only 21 percent of Brits would be willing to spend between £5,000 and £10,000 for a used electric car, with only 5 percent willing to pay a price between £25,000 and £35,000.

The lowest average cost of selected second-hand vehicles is the Renault Zoe, coming in at around £16,684.

The average price can go as high as £63,870 for a Mercedes EQC.

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