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More than half of married Britons confess to being secretly in love with someone else

NewsMore than half of married Britons confess to being secretly in love with someone else

More than half of married Britons confess to secretly being in love with someone else… as well as their husband or wife, a study reveals.

The new research found that 63 percent of wedded men and women admit splitting their heart – with half of their affection on their spouse but the other on another.

The survey means the old adage of ‘Three’s a Crowd’ may need to be replaced by ‘Three’s Allowed’ – with many Brits now exploring the idea of a ‘throuple’.

It comes as ex-heavyweight boxer David Haye, 42, and girlfriend Sian Osbourne are said to have explored a three-way relationship or throuple with ex-Saturdays singer Una Healy, with all three pictured together on holiday in Marrakech.

David and Sian, 20, who he started dating in 2020, drafted Una into a three-way romance before Una is said to have left and personal trainer Mica Jova taking her place in the throuple.

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The new study, commissioned by married dating site Ashley Madison, found that non-traditional relationships are becoming more socially acceptable.

Ashley Madison survey also found that 11 percent say they believe non-exclusive relationships would be beneficial to society.

While 53 percent say they feel more open-minded and accepting of ‘different’ forms of love than they used to.

Relationship therapist and author Dr Tammy Nelson Phd, refers to such alternative relationships as ‘non-monogamous’.

She explained: “For some open monogamy marriages, keeping the emotional monogamy is a priority, while seeking sexual excitement outside the marriage can heighten things for both partners.

“Finding ways to add more eroticism and intensity can bring energy home, into the bedroom, without threatening the primary partnership.

“Because it’s in the open and both partners agree on the boundaries, it can add to the relationship instead of taking away from it.

“Many times, it’s in the sharing of the sexual experience with others that the marriage is strengthened.

“But even if the relationship is based on sex to begin with, over time the people involved find the intimacy they share creates a strong bond which leads to love blossoming, even if they are in love with their spouse.

“It is possible to be in love with two people at once, and just like platonic friends, each bond is unique and brings different things to the table.

“For some this can be confusing, but just because you love one person, it doesn’t have to diminish the feelings you already have for another. In some cases, it will even strengthen them as it adds to our feelings of happiness and fulfilment.”

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