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More thunderstorms set to batter the UK as ‘April is hanging on’ with unsettled weather

NewsMore thunderstorms set to batter the UK as ‘April is hanging on’ with unsettled weather

In the coming days, heavy showers and thundery downpours will continue to pose a risk, creating travel chaos and difficult driving scenarios due to surface water and spray, reduced visibility, and in some regions, flash flooding. This warning comes after over an inch (25mm) of rainfall was recorded at several official sites on Tuesday in southern Britain, and over 40mm in Hampshire, Devon, the Welsh Mountains, and Norfolk from thunderstorms.

While some areas, such as the Solway Firth, experienced over 11 hours of sunshine, temperatures today will generally remain in the teens.

However, by the weekend, sunny areas can expect temperatures to increase to 19-21C.

By Friday, fewer showers and more sunshine are expected.

Additionally, temperatures will improve in eastern Britain and the southeast as they move away from the persistent north wind off the North Sea.

Netweather senior forecaster Jo Farrow said that while it is already the second week of May, spring showers have prevailed along with the unpredictable nature of April’s weather.

She said: “Thunderstorms most likely to develop and organise near/along breeze convergence zones modelled to develop towards coasts of eastern Scotland and eastern England and, also along southern coastal counties of England.

“Occluded front becoming slow-moving in the west and northwest of mainland UK may bring more cloud cover and showery rain thus limiting convection across western Scotland, NW England and Wales.”

She added: “As was the case on Tuesday 9th, some people stayed dry and missed the showers whereas others got soaked and saw huge puddles develop with hail.

“It’s almost like April is hanging on.”

Following heavy rainfall, the Galhampton, North Cadbury, and South Cadbury areas of Somerset declared a major incident, with more than two weeks’ worth of rain falling in just a few hours.

The floods also closed the A359 into Queen Camel, rendering the village inaccessible.

Residents in Queen Camel were warned of the flood risk at around 7:30 pm on Tuesday, but the rapid rise of the water caught many off guard.

Cars and kegs of beer floated past their windows, residents said.

David Perkins, an 83-year-old former electrical engineer who helped design the sonar on Trident submarines, and his wife Lorraine, who is in her seventies, were in their bungalow when they received the warning.

Unlike previous floods, the water level continued to rise, Mr Perkins said.

Mrs Perkins told the Telegraph: “It came up so fast, it was at the bottom of the steps, I went inside to tell [David], came back and it was nearly at the top.”

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