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Moscow to bring in 'anti-terrorist' measures to stop Wagner chief's 'armed mutiny'

NewsMoscow to bring in 'anti-terrorist' measures to stop Wagner chief's 'armed mutiny'

Moscow is to bring in “anti-terrorist” measures as Wagner chief Yevgeny Prigozhin attempts to oust Russia’s defence secretary. Prigozhin claims Russia bombed his camp and killed 2,000 fighters.

It led the Wagner founder to allegedly take his troops across the Russian border, sparking widespread fears of a miltary coup. Since the forces apparently crossed the border, a helicopter has been shot down in Rostov, while armed men were spotted in the area around the police station.

Experts believe Wagner troops could be attempting to make their way to the M-4 north-south route area. Mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin has now issued a warning to families not to travel around the city.

Writing on Telegram, he said: “In connection with the incoming information, antiterrorist measures are being taken in Moscow aimed at strenghening security measures.

“Additional control on the roads has been introduced.

“It is possible to limit the holding of public events.

“Please consider the measures taken with understanding.”

Meanwhile the governor of Lipetsk has confirmed the M-4 is closed.

Prigozhin appears to have sent an armed convoy of his mercenary fighters on a 1,200km (750-mile) drive towards Moscow, having said he intends to oust the military leadership.

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