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Mother ‘mortified’ after son stole teacher’s shoes for calling him ‘irritating’

NewsMother ‘mortified’ after son stole teacher’s shoes for calling him ‘irritating’

A mother was left “mortified” after her son stole his teacher’s shoes because she called him “really irritating”. The embarrassed mother shared her feelings on Facebook, asking for suggestions from the online community.

In the post, the worried mother shared how her eight-year-old son is being constantly picked on by his school teacher.

The post read: “Long story short, my 8-year-old sons teacher is super mean and is constantly picking on him to the point I feel he’s being bullied by her.

“Possibly because my son is a very outgoing funny prankster type lad who is determined to live his best life, with a teacher who she is adamant she will train the spark out of him.

“Anyway I’ve just emptied my sons school bag to do his lunch for tomorrow and there’s a pair of ladies shoes in there.

“I questioned my son and he’s only stolen his teachers shoes FFS!!

“He said it was because she called him ‘really irritating’? WTF do I do now?! Mortified!!”

The post has over 629 shares and a large number of social media users have responded to the post.

Most of the social media users burst into laughter after reading the post.

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One of the users commented: “This post is absolutely amazing. The fact this child had the courage to nick his teachers is absolutely hilarious.

“I am sitting here proper chuckling to myself. I honestly don’t have any advice because I don’t know what I would doing your position hahaha what a story to tell when he is older.”

Another one commented: “Jolly well done to your bright and brilliant boy. Please don’t let that teacher dull his spark.”

After receiving a number of suggestions from the online users, the mother posted an updated and said: “So I spoke/debated with hubby about the best way to hand this and he was totally up for holding the shoes hostage and photographing them at (toy) gun point, then hanging over the railings of our local bridge, and then with them tied up to a chair..and sending one in every time she is mean to our son.

“He was deadly serious, both him and our son were crying with laughter at their ‘hostage plans’, even getting balaclavas ready and drawing up their ideas.

“I genuinely don’t think I can cope living with these two much longer tbh! I took them back this morning and hid them in the girls toilets.”

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