MSNBC guest hits Republicans for questioning election results while stating GOP 'stole' 2018 GA election

MSNBC contributor Dr. Christina Greer singled out Republicans for not accepting election results while at the same time arguing that Georgia Governor Brian Kemp “stole” his seat in 2018.

On Monday, substitute host Tiffany Cross for “The Reid Out” spoke with Greer on the upcoming testimonies that officers will give for the January 6 committee. Although the testimonies will come tomorrow, Cross asked Greer about the future for elections with the Republican Party.

“Will they ever accept election results they don’t like?” Cross asked.

Greer then mourned that Donald Trump and, to a lesser extent, the Republican Party have now “[called] into question truth and facts” regarding elections.


“If Republicans aren’t happy with the results, then they just say that it’s false. That’s a very Donald Trumpian claim that the Republicans have embraced, and Democrats quite honestly haven’t been firm enough in passing voting rights legislation and protections not just on the federal level but in statehouses all across the country to ensure that we are all protected,” Greer responded.

However, while Greer appeared to single out Republicans as the sole party to question elections, she shortly afterward claimed that the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial race was “stolen” from Stacey Abrams.

“This isn’t just about protecting Democrats to make sure Democrats can stay in office. This is about protecting all Americans so they have equal rights at the ballot box,” Greer explained. “We saw this in Georgia in 2018 when Brian Kemp did whatever his shenanigans were and in the Republican primary, we saw Republicans realize that this is not fair. But then it ends up working in their favor when Brian Kemp essentially stole the election from Stacey Abrams.”


MSNBC has long reported the theory that Kemp had stolen the Georgia election from Abrams despite Politifact stating there is no proof of any voter suppression preventing Stacey Abrams from becoming governor. Notably, MSNBC host Chris Hayes hosted Abrams shortly after the election in 2018 when she claimed the governor race was “not a free and fair election.”

Abrams also continued to be featured prominently on MSNBC as a guest despite never conceding to the election. She has also been featured on “The Reid Out” to provide her opinions on voter legislation.

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