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Mum accuses neighbours of 'behaving like Indiana Jones' in bid to block her view

NewsMum accuses neighbours of 'behaving like Indiana Jones' in bid to block her view

A mother has created a stir online after she accused her neighbours of “behaving like Indiana Jones” in a bid to block her view.

The woman took to social media forum, Mumsnet, claiming the post made her “seethe and chuckle in equal measure”.

She explained how she has large fir trees at the end of their garden and a boundary fence.

Calling her neighbours “Mr and Mrs Jones”, she continued: “The Joneseseses (sic) have just bought a big seating unit thing and plonked it at the back end of their garden (the bit nearest us).

“It’s about 10ft from my boundary fence and a good 70ft from the back of my house – we’re lucky to have a big garden – and there’s the fir trees as well which make it a pretty thick barrier.

“But they decided they want some privacy and put up a big canvass barrier. Fair enough, I don’t care. Except, they’ve tied it to our fir trees!”

She wrote: “They have clambered over their own fence, slung a ladder (an actual LADDER) over the stream, scrambled up the bank, and cable tied the bloody thing to our trees! Without so much as a word!

“They did it in the dead of night! Came down the other day to discover the bloody Shroud of Turin cable tied to my trees! The ladder was still there on the bank of the stream.

“So obviously, being British and terrified of confrontation, I did the natural thing of not mentioning it to them but instead cutting [it] down. It’s now in my garage. And they’ve replaced it with another!! It arrived overnight this morning!

“Just to be clear – I don’t care that they want to shield themselves from us. It’s a dark green thing so I can barely even see it.

“But I can see it, and I do care that they’ve gone on a bloody Navy SEAL Commando mission, twice, to my garden to put the bloody thing up! Yes I could go and talk to them but a) I’ve never said a word to them before b) they might kill me and c) this is funnier.”

The post has over 160 replies with people suggesting ways to deal with the situation.

A person commented: “How big is your garage? Just keep cutting the canopies down and see how long it takes them to come round and have a word. It’s probably shelter they want rather than privacy to be fair.”

Another one said: “Yeah cut it down and leave a note! From your description it sounds like the stream is in an area not owned by anyone (or owned by the council I assume?) If that’s the case maybe they think these trees are part of the no man’s land? Although you did also mention there’s a fence so I might be being over generous!

“Either way I reckon keep cutting them down! Although I’m not sure if you should be leaving them there – I think if you take them it could technically constitute theft? Although it’s not theft if you can prove you intended to give them back!”

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