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Mum dies from cancer after becoming sick during her hen do

NewsMum dies from cancer after becoming sick during her hen do

A mum has died of cancer after falling ill during her hen do. Sam Woodcock, 36, from Brockworth, Gloucestershire, was diagnosed with the disease weeks before she married.

She leaves behind husband Martyn, 43, sons Liam, 10, Jayce, eight, and stepson Charlie, 19.

Natalie Graham, one of Sam’s best friends, told Gloucestershire Live her pal started to complain of stomach trouble during her hen do trip to Magaluf in June 2022.

Natalie, 35, from Longlevens, said: “We went to Magaluf for four days and Sam had said her tummy was feeling uncomfortable.

“She was following a coeliac diet, but thought it may be down to the different food and having a few drinks.

“On the last day Sam had to go home early. She was in so much pain she could barely speak.”

Natalie added on their return home, Sam told the group of friends she couldn’t call in sick at work after being away on her hen do for four days.

She said: “The pain got so bad though. She went to A&E where she was told she was severely constipated and prescribed lactulose.

“Nothing seemed to help and she had been to A&E a few times. In July she refused to leave because she was being sick at that point just after having a sip of water.”

Natalie said medics carried out a CT scan which showed a 15cm blockage.

Sam was having emergency surgery at 9am the next day.

After the operation, Sam was given the awful news she had cancer, but they needed to send it off for testing.

Sam was having regular scans to monitor the cancer. She married her husband in August and began chemotherapy in September.

Natalie said: “It was seen after Sam had chemotherapy, her ovaries had become enlarged and she was told it was a common side effect of chemotherapy for that to happen. However, it was a secondary cancer.

“Then in December, her medical notes were sent to a private hospital in Manchester for a second opinion.”

Sam was told in January that the cancer was growing faster than the chemotherapy was able to reduce it.

Natalie said her friend was referred to another hospital which said it was not prepared to operate on her until she had more chemo.

She said: “They were worried she would not make it through the operation with the cancer as it was.”

Sam was told the cancer was terminal in February.

Natalie said: “Me and another friend turned up to the hospital just minutes after Sam was given the terminal diagnosis. She said to us, ‘I am going to die’.

“The first thing she was thinking about then was about her sons and Martyn having the money to bring them up so I said I would set up a Go Fund Me.

“Fundraisers have been held and a good sum of money has been donated to the page which means there will be less financial pressure for a little while.”

Paying tribute to her friend, Natalie added: “Sam was never one to complain about anything and was very relaxed generally.

“She knew something was not right in her body and you need to fight if you feel you are not being heard. Sam was just the bravest woman.”

To donate to the fundraiser click here.

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