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Mum left raging after parents laugh at 4-year-old's shorts she picked out for son

NewsMum left raging after parents laugh at 4-year-old's shorts she picked out for son

A furious mother has claimed other parents have laughed and picked on her son over his choice of clothing at daycare. 

The mother took to the social media platform Mumsnet to vent about two women’s cruel actions.

She said she lets her son choose what he wears to school and doesn’t concern herself with his choices as long as he’s dressed appropriately and prepared for the day.

More often than not, he opts for bike shorts, particularly with bold and colourful patterns. 

However, some parents have mocked the preschooler for his clothing choices, the mother said.

She wrote on the social media platform: “I can’t honestly imagine picking on what a small child wears, or any child for that matter. One of them asking if they’re his sister’s and laughed.

“I know I shouldn’t care and I’ve never given it a second thought until now.”

Now the mother has begun to question whether she was right to send her son to daycare in the brightly coloured shorts as the other mothers expressed their distaste.

The mother shared a snap of the shorts her son wears and sparked a debate on the online platform, with many siding with the school bullies.

One social media user said: “To be honest, they aren’t very nice.”

Another added: “No, they’re not ‘picking on what a small child wears’ – they’re picking on what you’ve put on them.”

A third added: “It’s the shape – cropped leggings- that would make them ‘girls’ shorts.”

However, others stated that they wouldn’t personally dress their own sons in such shorts, but they also added that it’s not appropriate for other mothers to make comments that the youngster can hear.

One commented: “If I saw a little boy wearing them I wouldn’t make rude comments/laugh.”

Other mothers defended the four-year-old and said: “My twins wear shorts like that all the time (Fred and Noah) they are 3 year old boys – the shorts are fine.”

Another added: “My 3.5 yo wears cycling shorts to stop his legs getting sore in hot weather as they are a tighter fit. 

“Never had any issues and he looks super cute. I have no idea if they are boys or girls because I bought them online after typing in cycling shorts. They’re fine OP.”

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