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Mum of 'biggest baby' says she 'still feels pain from carrying' him

NewsMum of 'biggest baby' says she 'still feels pain from carrying' him

A mother-of-two has shocked her fans on TikTok after revealing how heavy her newborn son was.

Erika Weber gave birth in 2021 after being told by doctors she was measuring 42 weeks pregnant when she was only 38 weeks.

With her baby a month ahead of where his growth should have been he was a staggering 12lbs 6oz when he was born.

The average size of newborn babies in America is 7lbs 4oz.

Ms Weber posted her story to TikTok after another user encouraged people to share their “biggest babies” stories.

The mum said her son, now two, a “born D1 footballer” meaning he would make the top division of college football in America.

She captioned another video to her 10.4k followers: “He’s still a big boy even at the age of two!”

Ms Weber, whose TikTok account is @weberboymomma2, revealed she had to have a C-section on the advice of her doctor due to the size of her baby.

She said: “At 37 weeks I went in for an ultrasound and my son was weighing in at 9lb 15oz so we scheduled for a C-section.

“I had a baby that was 12lbs 6oz and he came out of the hospital wearing three-month clothing, size one diaper.

“Now he’s six months old and wearing 18-month clothing. I still feel pain from carrying him.”

The mum-of-two regularly posts videos of her children including nighttime routines and playing sports.

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