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Mum's shock as she finds new friend cooking in her kitchen after inviting her for a cuppa

NewsMum's shock as she finds new friend cooking in her kitchen after inviting her for a cuppa

A mum was left gobsmacked when she found her daughter’s friend’s mother cooking herself some bacon in the kitchen after being invited over for a cuppa. The two women had bonded while picking up their daughters from school who had become friends. The unnamed mum decided to invite her friend over during a storm following the school drop-off so they could avoid the weather. 

After arriving home, the mum had to take an urgent call but was shocked to come back to find her friend cooking in the kitchen.

Airing her frustrations on Mumsnet, the woman wrote: “We had a storm one morning on the school run and as it was much closer to my house than hers so I invited her back for a cuppa till the storm passed.

“I put the kettle onto boil and then went to the loo, then had to take an ‘urgent’ phone call from my eldest school for some reason or other, can’t remember what exactly and it certainly wasn’t an emergency.”

But after leaving for the phone call, she began to hear noises coming from the kitchen.

“When I went back downstairs she was frying bacon. She hadn’t asked, I hadn’t offered and it meant she had gone through my fridge and cupboards the first time she had been to my house,” said the woman.

“When I asked what she was doing she said she was hungry and hadn’t eaten that day. Safe to say I didn’t ask her to come back after that!”

And people were quick to agree with the mum, with one user writing: “That’s so far outside social norms I’m not sure it still counts as ‘cheeky'”.

One user asked if she allowed her friend to eat the food she had started cooking, to which the mum said she told her she “wasn’t happy”.

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She added: “She had already started to cook it so I just buttered some bread and made sandwiches rather than wasting it. Told her I wasn’t happy as it was for the kids for their Saturday morning treat after swimming lessons.

“She didn’t say anything about that but did give me some money the next day in the playground.”

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