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‘My nightmare neighbours forced me to move home – but now I’m worse off’

News‘My nightmare neighbours forced me to move home – but now I’m worse off’

A neighbour has told of their plight with their neighbours and how they were so bad they had to move house, but having moved home, have found themselves in a worse position.

The user described how their new neighbours are even worse than the ones they left behind.

They explained how they play music until the early hours of each morning and their antic have become so disruptive, they have now had to call the police.

Following the user’s post several fellow Reddit users sympathised and shared similar experiences of nightmare neighbours.

The user said: “I moved to a completely different neighbourhood back in June to escape rude neighbours in my old area. First few weeks here were great until new neighbours moved in.

“Now every day at 6pm, I hear my neighbour’s car stereo thumping from literally streets away as he comes home. He drives right past my house every day.

“On the weekends he invites his friends over and they stay outside in the front yard yelling at each other and playing music till 2am every day Friday through Sunday. I let this go for months cause I didn’t want to cause issues.

“Finally two weekends ago I had enough. Called the cops after it hit 11pm. The law here says there should be no noise audible greater than 25 feet which I am further than this from them and the quiet time here starts at 10pm as well.”

The user added that despite calling the police, there hadn’t been much change in their neighbour’s behaviour.

They explained: “This doesn’t seem to have any effect as this past weekend they were right back at it again. At this point, I am just counting the months I have left till I can leave.

“I just don’t understand why people have to make as much noise as they possibly can. They are the only ones in this neighbourhood being this loud.

“The other neighbours hate them as well. What the hell is wrong with people? What happened to the days of having common courtesy for your neighbours.”

In response, fellow Reddit users sympathised and offered some advice on what to do next.

One person said: “What did the police say? Did they break it up? If they did ring them every time. Talk to your other neighbours and see what they say.

“If they don’t like it encourage them to call as well. I’m beginning to learn the police only seem to do anything when it inconveniences them.

“Get the entire neighbourhood calling about it and they’ll be sick of them as well.”

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