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Neglected dog has incredible makeover after having 4kg of hair cut off

NewsNeglected dog has incredible makeover after having 4kg of hair cut off

A severely neglected old English sheepdog has undergone a radical transformation after having 4kg of matted fur cut off.

Barney was taken in by the RSPCA after his fur had become so overgrown that it was covering his eyes and he was having difficulty eating and drinking.

He hadn’t been taken on a walk in five years and had never been groomed in his life but the pooch is now said to be thriving in his new environment thanks to the animal charity’s intervention.

Barney, estimated to be around five years old, is now looking for a new owner and is listed for adoption on the website of the RSPCA’s Millbrook Animal Centre in Chobham, Surrey.

His profile on the rehoming centre’s website says: “Barney has not had a great start to life, he never left his previous house and he is 5 years old, you can imagine how much he has missed out on.

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“When Barney was removed from his previous home he was absolutely covered in matts, you couldn’t even see his face.

“Barney had to go straight to the vets to have all the matts removed, in total all those matts weighed 4kilos!!! We cannot imagine how uncomfortable that would have been for poor Barney.”

The profile continues: “When Barney came into us, he was so shut down and scared, his carers gave him lots of time to trust them and now he has come on leaps and bounds, he now really enjoys his walks and off leads with the people, he knows and trusts.

“He loves other dogs and meeting new people on the lead, as long as they approach slowly and calmly. Barney has now started to play with toys and especially likes footballs.”

It adds that he is best suited to an adult-only home with owners who are experienced with old English sheepdogs and know about their regular grooming requirements.

“Barney needs a home that will go slow with him and give him time to settle and adjust to a new family and home environment,” it reads.

“He needs an understanding home that realise that it may take a bit of time for him to bond with his new family. Barney does like other dogs, and would benefit from living with a neutered dog, depending on introductions.”

In October, the RSPCA said more animals were being given up and fewer people were willing to adopt a new pet as a result of the cost of living crisis.

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