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'Nothing more French': Hilarious moment chef slices foie gras on train with health card

News'Nothing more French': Hilarious moment chef slices foie gras on train with health card

A man has gone viral on social media after he was caught on camera eating the most French snack despite not having the right cutlery.

A brief clip shared on X, formerly Twitter, shows the French man aboard a TER Bourgogne train – part of the TER Bourgogne-Franche-Comté regional rail network taking passengers across eastern France.

In the video, seen more than 6.2 times in a little over 24 hours, the passenger can be seen laying out on the tiny table available to commuters on the train a baguette and a bloc of foie gras.

Unbothered by those around him, the train passenger can be seen cutting thin slices of the French delicacy using a French health insurance card, known as Carte Vitale.

After managing to cut down the foie gras, the man puts down the card and breaks a piece of bread, with which he picks up the luxury food.

Many social media users were either stunned or amused as they commented on the video.

One, with the X handle @ag_respect, stressed how truly French the whole situation appeared to be.

They wrote: “This is THE France, the real one! In a good TER, with the Carte Vitale, bread and foie gras!”

Similarly, @LaAemiliance wrote: “There is nothing more French than that.”

The social media user who shared the video, @Basile_Viault, identified the foie gras-enthusiast as chef Julien Gaulet. In his post, the X user joked French President Emmanuel Macron should award the food expert the highest distinction – the Légion d’Honneur.

Seemingly confirming he was the man in the video, Mr Gaulet reposted the clip and added with a laughing emoji: “I am a meme”.

Mr Gaulet is not new to trying fancy dining aboard public transports.

In a video shared on his X account in December 2021, the chef can be seen laying a white tablecloth on the tiny table of a train, taking out cooked spaghetti from a plastic container and, after putting it on a plate, grating black truffle on the dish.

He accompanied his meal with a glass of red wine, straight from a freshly-opened bottle.

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