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Omission of Archie and Lilibet Coronation roles fueled rift between Harry and William

NewsOmission of Archie and Lilibet Coronation roles fueled rift between Harry and William

Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet being left out of the Coronation celebrations has “only fuelled” the rift between Prince Harry and Prince William. The young royals were reportedly left out of the invitation sent to Meghan and Harry while the Prince and Princess of Wales’s children will play a key role in the ceremony. Telegraph royal editor Victoria Ward said the move leaves the Sussexes playing “second fiddle” to the Prince and Princess of Wales.

Following months of speculation, Buckingham Palace announced that Harry would be attending the Coronation while Meghan stays in the US with Archie and Lilibet.

It is thought Meghan is staying home for a number of reasons, one being to celebrate Archie’s fourth birthday, which falls on the same day as the ceremony.

Last month the Royal Family website was updated after Meghan and Harry confirmed they had christened Lilibet.

Archie, three and Lilibet, one, were named as the Prince and Princess of Sussex on the line of succession page for the first time as sixth and seventh in line to the throne.

The siblings were previously listed as Master Archie and Miss Lilibet.

Under rules set out by King George V in 1917, Archie and Lilibet were not Prince and Princess at birth because they were not grandchildren of the monarch but gained the right to these titles when Charles acceded to the throne following the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

But the Royal Family appeared to delay recognising the titles, only updating the website last month.

The relationship between the brothers and their wives has been strained since Meghan and Harry stepped back from Royal life in March 2020.

Prior to their departure, the group were dubbed the ‘Fab Four’ during their regular public appearances and outings together.

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The last time they were seen together was when they put on brave faces to mourn the loss of Queen Elizabeth II.

But it doesn’t look to be settling over the Coronation as a royal commentator Emily Andrews claimed Prince William “doesn’t want to speak” to Harry.

She said: “I think the core thing to take away is that it’s really good that Charles and Harry have spoken but royal sources also said there’s no real-time at the Coronation for any kind of make-up chat which, of course, takes a lot of William.

“And it’s definitely true to say, everything I’ve been told Harry and William haven’t spoken since the Queen’s funeral and, frankly, William doesn’t want to speak to his brother.”

Although his attendance is confirmed, it is not clear if Prince Harry will have a role in the procession or the ceremony.

Reports suggest the Duke will only remain in the UK for a short period of time before returning to the US to celebrate his son’s birthday.

Senior members of the Royal Family are also expected to make an appearance on the Buckingham Palace balcony in the afternoon, but it is unlikely Harry will be included.

Charles has reportedly been “very clear” about who he wants to represent the ‘slimmed-down monarchy’.

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