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Only sharp thinkers will be able to find the answer to this brainteaser

NewsOnly sharp thinkers will be able to find the answer to this brainteaser

Brainteasers are a great way to check your concentration levels and put your cognitive skills to the test. A recent riddle shared by Bright Side will leave many scratching their heads while looking for the solution.

The awkward riddle shows two dots – one red and the other green.

I‌t poses the question: “When do you continue moving on red, but stop when it’s green?”

‌It is believed that only sharp thinkers will be able to solve this mind-bending riddle.

This brainteaser requires you to think laterally and quickly if you are to find the answer.

Experts say that brainteasers, word-search puzzles, and other games specifically designed for those with cognitive impairment are all great options for giving your brain a good “workout.”

So were you able to find the answer?

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It might look easy but it’s a real head-scratcher.

If not, don’t worry we have shared the answer below for you.

If you love solving brain puzzles, there are many others at express.co.uk that you can look out and test your skills.

It is believed that if you regularly do brainteasers and puzzles like this, you could reduce your risk of neurodegenerative conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.

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