Outraged Tom Homan scolds White House's lack of action to curb COVID outbreak on border: 'They have no plan'

The White House has not revealed a strategy to contain the multitudes of coronavirus-infected migrants making their way into U.S. communities because they “have no plan,” former Acting ICE Director and Fox News contributor Tom Homan said Thursday.

“For them to say we’re taking protocol, ‘we’re giving everybody masks, bottom line, COVID people are coming into the country….we know for a fact right now ICE has over 1,200 positive cases in custody that came across that border so what is your protocol for that?” an outraged Homan said on “The Story.”

Homan noted the “300,000 got-aways that the Border Patrol failed to arrest,” wondering “how many of them had COVID” as well. 


“What is your protocol for the…criminals you arrested? How many of 300,000 that didn’t get arrested?” he asked. “What is the protocol for 49 convicted murderers coming across the border that Border Patrol arrested? What is the protocol for 274 verified MS-13 members coming across the border? This is an open borders agenda. They have no plan,” he said.

“Their plan is open borders and they haven’t done one thing to slow the flow. I want someone from the administration to answer that question. Tell me one thing, Mr. President, you have done to stall the flow.”

Coronavirus cases among migrants have surged as much as 900% in some areas and Fox News reported earlier this week that illegal immigrants infected with the coronavirus were being released to local charities and housed in rural Texas hotels without the knowledge of local law enforcement. 


“What is terrible in this whole thing and the incompetence is, they can stop this today,” Homan said. “They can reinstate the Remain in Mexico program, figure out what they’re going to do with this new delta variant and work through the issues. but, no. They will not close this border because the Progressive left, the immigration activists are in the White House – I know who they are -We’ve got them at the Department of Homeland Security…we’ve got them inside ICE.

“President Biden has sold himself out to the Progressive left to become president” concluded Homan, ” and he’s not backing down.”

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