'Overcomplicated': New car tax proposals attacked as a plan to bring in ‘more revenue'

Generally, Express readers reacted negatively to the new driving law proposals with many calling for the tax to only be issued to electric car owners. The comments come after the Transport Select Committee confirmed their report into road pricing could soon be published.

The Committee took written evidence this summer and will now speak to stakeholders about what road pricing could mean for the UK.

The report is expected to be finalised this autumn with an announcement possibly expected within months.

However, Express readers attacked the plans with many claiming the Government was only looking for more money.

Reader Innominate said: “Re-introduce the old fashioned flat rate, less complicated, cheaper to run and includes all vehicle types. Charging per mile will be overcomplicated.”

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“There is a direct relationship between petrol consumption and miles per gallon!

“This is just a sneaky way to increase fuel tax without calling it fuel tax!”

The Committee has already confirmed the proposals are being considered to plug a £40billion hole in public finances caused by the switch to electric vehicles.

It is believed the money lost on traditional Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) and fuel duty charges could be generated under the new scheme.

“They use the roads and pollute when charging the vehicle so there is no excuse not to pay taxes!”

Flexi one said: “I hope this only involves electric vehicles only, because they are the car tax dodgers.”

However, some readers said the system was unlikely to be introduced at all.

Fweddy said: “Nobody has the guts to introduce this and it would require all cars to be fitted with a black box. Just won’t happen.”

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