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Penny Mourdant fans say 'she's got her revenge on Truss!' as she steals show at Coronation

NewsPenny Mourdant fans say 'she's got her revenge on Truss!' as she steals show at Coronation

Social media users have joked Penny Mordaunt has taken revenge on Liz Truss after she stole the show at the Coronation with her sword role.

The Commons Leader and Lord President of the Council carried and presented the Jewelled Sword of Offering to the King during the ceremony at Westminster Abbey.

Commentators took to Twitter to point out that during Ms Truss’s short-lived stint as PM, she handed rival Ms Mordaunt the job as a demotion following the Tory leadership race.

But they joked that the move had backfired as Ms Mordaunt carried the sword at the Coronation as part of her duties.

Charlie Proctor, editor-in-chief at the Royal Central website, said: “The most hilarious part of the Coronation.

“Liz Truss made Penny Mordaunt Lord President of the Council to keep her out of the spotlight.

“She has spent most of the day carrying a giant sword in front of millions, so that turned out well.”

Journalist Matt Chorley added: “Reminder: When Liz Truss became PM she made her leadership rival Penny Mordaunt Commons leader as a low profile demotion.

“It comes with the job of President of the Privy Council. Normally not much.

“Apart from the proclamation of a new monarch. And some low-key sword carrying.”

Ms Mordaunt also sparked comparisons with Pippa Middleton, who stole the show at her sister Kate’s royal wedding in her bridesmaid role.

Money Saving Expert’s Martin Lewis said: “Is Penny Mordant the new Pippa Middleton? She has stolen the show!”

BBC presenter Tina Daheley added: “Penny Mordaunt is the new Pippa Middleton.”

The intricate tapered sword, made for George IV’s 1821 coronation, has a hilt encrusted with diamonds, rubies and emeralds and a scabbard decorated with jewelled roses, thistles and shamrocks.

It symbolises royal power and being able to decide between good and evil, and the monarch accepting his duty and knightly virtues.

The sword was blessed by the Archbishop of Canterbury and presented to the King by Ms Mordaunt, who became the first woman in history to do so.

The sword was placed in the King’s right hand, then clipped onto his girdle and eventually unclipped.

The King then stepped forward and offered the sword to the Dean, who placed it on the altar.

The sword was then “redeemed” by Ms Mordaunt, who placed the redemption money on an alms dish, held by the Dean, before drawing the sword and carrying it in its naked form, without its scabbard.

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