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Pentagon investigating 650 possible UFO sightings but has no proof of alien life

NewsPentagon investigating 650 possible UFO sightings but has no proof of alien life

The number of UFO sightings is on the increase, although there is still no proof of alien life, according to a top Pentagon official.

Sean Kirkpatrick, leading the investigation of unidentified aircraft for the US government, admitted that the Pentagon is tracking 650 incidents.

However, Mr Kirkpatrick, director of the All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office, looked to dampen down speculation about the sightings.

Testifying before the Senate Armed Services Committee, he told senators that his organisation had found no evidence of alien activity.

Politico.com said that approximately half of the reports of “unidentified aerial phenomena” (UAPs)have been prioritised for further review and to examine if enough data is available to resolve such cases.

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But Mr Kirkpatrick cautioned that many cases may remain unresolved due to a lack of hard data. He estimated 20 to 30 cases are halfway through his office’s analytical process with “a handful” of cases peer-reviewed and closed.

“I will not close a case that I cannot defend the conclusions of,” Kirkpatrick said.

He showed videos of two recently declassified cases of unidentified objects observed by US military drones. The first showed an apparently spherical object observed in the Middle East in 2022, while the second from South Asia this year was resolved after it was determined that the object was a commercial aircraft.

The 650 cases is an increase from an unclassified annual report issued by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence in January, when it had 510 cases catalogued.

Concerns over incursions into US airspace by unknown objects have gripped Washington in recent years, and Kirkpatrick’s office was formed last July to analysise sightings.

He told the committee: “I should state clearly for the record that in our research, AARO has found no credible evidence thus far of extraterrestrial activity, off-world technology or objects that defy the known laws of physics.

“The majority of unidentified objects reported to AARO demonstrated mundane characteristics of balloons, clutter, natural phenomena or other readily explainable sources.”

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