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PM may be forced to eat words after 1,200 small boat crossings in just three days

NewsPM may be forced to eat words after 1,200 small boat crossings in just three days

More than 1,200 migrants arrived in Britain on small boats over the course of Saturday to Monday, the highest levels since last November.

Just last week, Rishi Sunak insisted that his plan to tackle the small boats crisis is “starting to work”.

Last week he also announced two new barges to house asylum seekers, though the last three days alone have now exceeded the capacity of those two barges.

Yesterday the Home Office confirmed 545 migrants reached the shores of the UK on Monday, following 703 over the sunny weekend.

Two days ago the number of people to cross the English Channel in small boats this year hit 8,500.

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GB News spoke to maritime experts who pooh-poohed Mr Sunak’s claim it was Government action that has led to a 20 percent reduction in crossings compared to this time last year, saying it had everything to do with poor weather conditions.

When asked whether weather may be part of the reason for a reduction in journeys last week, Mr Sunak joked he “can’t control the weather”.

A spokesman for the Met Office said an area of high pressure had pushed strong breezes through the Channel in recent weeks.

He said: “There have been some quite strong breezes running through the Channel because it is on the edge of the area of high pressure, with the wind circulating around it clockwise.

“That has encouraged a bit of an easterly flow along the Channel, which up until a few days ago was bringing reasonably strong breezes.”

The hot, sunny weather of the last few days, however, will make the journey more viable for those wanting to cross from France in small boats.

This morning the RNLI revealed it saved the lives of 108 migrants last year attempting to make the “perilous” crossing.

Taking to GB News from a boat in the channel earlier in the week, Nigel Farage – a passionate campaigner on the migrant crisis – observed “we’ve had three and a half weeks of constant North Easterly winds in the English Channel – very unusual”.

He said: “I’ve never known it from May into June to have that kind of weather system. High summer’s now here, as you’ve said already 500 yesterday, goodness knows what today will bring, and there’s no disincentive.

“Yes, sure, we’ve sent a few people back to Albania, but now it’s people coming from the subcontinent that are making up the real numbers, rural Punjab etc.

“Nothing the Government’s done will stop tens of thousands of people coming this year”.

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