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Police find lost tortoise so heavy it took five people to lift it up

NewsPolice find lost tortoise so heavy it took five people to lift it up

Police found a huge tortoise wandering through the streets of Kansas in the United States. The reptile was so heavy that officers said it took five people to lift it into the patrol car.

It was found strolling the streets between 75th and Troost Avenue in the Missouri city. The reptile was set to be taken to an nature center so it could be kept safe.

But, thanks to the power of social media, the tortoise – called Abe – has now been reunited with its rightful home. An original social media post read: “Help us get his slow-walkin-fast-talkin tortoise home.

“Found at 75th and Troost, it took five people to wrangle her/him into the truck. En-route to a nature center.”

A later update read: “Abe’s human is en route to meet up with KCPD to reunite. Stay tuned for the happy ending! And thank you ALL for caring about this guy.”

Social media users were left enamoured by escaping Abe. One said: “If nobody is willing to home it, I will.”

While another commented: “I’m jealous. I’d love to have one.”

A third commenter simply said: “Amazing.”

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