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Police on high alert over 'plots to sabotage' King's Coronation

NewsPolice on high alert over 'plots to sabotage' King's Coronation

Police are reportedly on high alert ahead of King Charles’ Coronation amid murmurs of groups “plotting to sabotage” the ceremony. The event is set for May 6, when millions will watch Charles be crowned.

Key figures will attend such as Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, senior members of the Government and the Church of England and other leading members of the Commonwealth.

The ceremony will take place in Westminster Abbey in London to continue a near-millennium long tradition, and will be conducted by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby.

But threats form terrorists, environmentalists and anarchists are all obstacles that security chiefs are fighting against as they attempt to keep the event free from disruption, The Sun reports.

Dai Davies, former head of Royal Protection, said: “The threat is as big as it has been in 50 years”.

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Well-known terror groups are not the only concern for specialist cops, who also have an eye on other “fixated individuals”.

Members of peaceful campaign groups have also had information gathered on them.

Mr Davies adds: “It is clear the threat to the monarchy is as big as it has been in the last 50 years – and the potential is as big because of the rise of Irish dissident groups and the increased action of anarchist campaign groups.

“This unique set of circumstances has piled pressure on services which are already stretched to the limit”.

Police in England have also reportedly been profiling and filming anti-monarchist campaigners to ensure they have no effect on Coronation day.

Anti-monarchy protestors have not been absent from the King’s short reign, as he was greeted by a group of them in February.

A large group of them waved cards reading: “Not My King” while exclaiming: “Why don’t you answer your critics?”.

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