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POLL: Should Boris Johnson’s resignation honours list be ‘withdrawn’?

NewsPOLL: Should Boris Johnson’s resignation honours list be ‘withdrawn’?

The Forfeiture Committee has the power to withdraw honours if the “system is brought into disrepute”. The Liberal Democrats argues that there are grounds to investigate  Boris Johnson’s resignation honours listfor this reason.

The Party’s spokesperson for the cabinet office, Christine Jardine, questioned the suitability of Mr Johnson’s choices, including those “implicated in the Partygate saga”.

The MP for Edinburgh West wrote to the Forfeiture Committee: “I am therefore urging you to open an investigation into the potential withdrawal of all of Boris Johnson’s honours which fall under the scope of your Committee. 

“Clearly, the circumstances around this list – and the events which have occurred since its release – are unprecedented and have brought the honours system into disrepute. I believe that there are grounds for examining whether Boris Johnson’s resignation honours list can be revoked in its entirety.”

Ms Jardine also condemned Mr Johnson’s “deplorable attacks on the committee and our parliamentary democracy” in her letter and said claimed that accepting an honour from Mr Johnson “is an act which itself brings the system into disrepute”.

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Mr Johnson’s list included 38 honours and seven peerages, nominating political aides and close allies including former cabinet ministers Priti Patel and Jacob Rees-Mogg.

The Forfeiture Committee’s website says that honours can be withdrawn “for a variety of reasons, including criminal conviction and bringing the honours system into disrepute.” The committee has the power to cancel honours such as knighthoods but peerages can only be removed by an act of parliament.

A Conservative backbencher told Tortoise: “If the committee believes the honours system is being brought into disrepute they can pull [the list]. The focus is always on individual honours as no one would imagine the person giving would be [the one] doing the disrepute.” 

So what do YOU think? Should Mr Johnson’s resignation honours list be “withdrawn”? Vote in our poll and join the debate in the comment section below.

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